Welcome to, where we believe all dogs should have the right to be fed what they love best! If you are a dog owner and are serious about your dog's health and well being, then you have come to the right place.

We believe feeding your dog BARF not only satisfies their hunger for a natural raw dinner, but also improves their health, well being and stamina; both inside and out. By changing your dog's diet to BARF you should see dramatic changes in all aspects of your dog's life.

In the majority of cases feeding your dog BARF will provide quick yet long lasting solutions to hot spots, greatly reduce allergy problems, eradicate problems with teeth, gums and bad breath, reduce the risk of ear infections, eliminate skin and coat problems and reduce effects of hereditary diseases. Your dog's coat will become sleek, shiny and healthy looking, their breath won't smell, and best of all the BARF diet will most probably increase your dog's overall health and life span.

The BARF diet is based on meat, bones, internal organs, fresh fruit and vegetables and dairy products, all mixed together in its raw form to make sure your dog digests all the needed goodness from the ingredients.

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