How Much to Feed?

As no dogs are exactly the same, whether it be breed, activity level, size, weight or age, it is impossible to determine an exact amount to feed any singular dog. The most important thing to remember is; a lean dog will be healthier than a stocky dog, especially over time. You can feed your dog more or less than stated below to keep your pet at it's healthiest size.

An average dog which is fairly active would normally eat 2% of their body weight per day, for example a 75lb dog, would ideally eat 1.5lb of food per day (I would personally feed it 1lb of BARF for breakfast, then 0.5lb chicken carcass or chicken wings for an evening meal... but this is entirely up to you; you can feed your dog 1.5lb of BARF split between 2 meals and not feed the chicken if you wish). Puppies however can eat up to 6% of their body weight per day.

The following table showing how much food to feed a dog per day is a guideline only, and need not be followed exactly.

10 lb dog 25 lb dog 50 lb dog 75 lb dog 100 lb dog
Average Active Dog 0.2 lb. 0.5 lb. 1.0 lb. 1.5 lb. 2.0 lb.
Highly Active Dog 0.4 lb. 1.0 lb. 2.0 lb. 3.0 lb. 4.0 lb.
Puppies 0.6 lb. 1.5 lb. 3.0 lb. 4.5 lb. 6.0 lb.

(Table showing how much "in weight" food to feed your dog per day, dependant upon how active and heavy your dog is)

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